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Pohled na bazén a slunečník před chalupou Sudkáč s dětskou skluzavkou Obývák na chalupě. Pohled na krb a starodávné židle. Osvětlené zápraží v noci Rozkvetlá skalka s pestrými květinami a za ní chalupa Stylová kuchyň se zajímavou troubou

Relax, get active, explore

Hiking and travelling

Sudkáč Cottage makes a great fully equipped base from which to undertake short walks around the village as well as longer day hikes and trekking excursions. Several protected areas in its immediate vicinity bear witness to the unspoilt beauty of this region’s landscape and make it most difficult for guests to decide where to go and what to see first. Still, Sudkáč is located just a stone’s throw from both Southern Bohemia and the Bohemian-Moravian Highlands aka Vysočina [ˈvɪsɔtʃɪnə] so you can pretty much follow your heart.

OUR CHOICE: Don’t hesitate to visit the rural pub Nové Dvory (New Estate). Located just a bit over a mile away, it’s a lovely country inn based in a unique timber chalet. Just set out along the Josafat [jo:zɑfɑt] Valley yellow hiking trail and you will soon be there.

A bike-friendly cottage

Why can’t cyclists get enough of Sudkáč?

Thanks to its location near the border of two Czech regions the village Sudkův Důl gives bikers a great choice of riding along the uninterrupted lowland stretches of Southern Bohemia or tackling the picturesque hills of the Bohemian-Moravian Highlands.

For your comfort a unique bike rack hewn out of an old tree trunk is placed right by the cottage. There is also safe parking available in a barn wherein you can lock your bikes for a night.

Bike rental

We also offer a solution for those who do not wish to do anything too strenuous and are quite happy with a quick pedal around the parish area. There are eight bicycles available for rent in case you suddenly feel the urge for a short ride out and back again.

Where to go

Several often-praised routes snake down south to the Třeboň area. A well-chosen one will take you to the famous Třeboň ponds and lowland stretches without tiring you out; you may well be surprised how easy it is to put all those kilometres behind you!

You can also head deeper into the upland area of dark forests and rolling hills. It’s a bit more physically challenging, although you will certainly be rewarded by lovely hilltop views followed by a nice long relaxing ride down to the valley.

Horse riding

Are you a horse lover extraordinaire? Or have you always wondered what is it like to watch the countryside from a saddle yet never actually got around to try? One way or another you can take up the chance to explore the parish area on horseback while you’re staying at Sudkáč.

Mushroom hunting

Throughout the season the surrounding forests come alive with mushroom hunters carrying around basketfuls of edible treats and festive feel-good atmosphere.

There is something beautiful about woods and especially those around Sudkáč, where you can breathe the fresh forest air pretty much everywhere including all along the picturesque Josafat Valley to which you can get directly from Sudkův Důl by following the Bělá (White Brook). Throughout the season the surrounding forests come alive with mushroom hunters carrying around baskets full of edible treats and festive feel-good atmosphere, so don’t hesitate to bring your own basket to store all the goodies in: tasty porcini, bay boletes, or perhaps even orange-coloured scaber stalks. You just can’t go wrong with a mushroom hunt – it’s a great way to commune with nature no matter how many mushrooms you actually find.

Go fishing in Southern Bohemia

Few things are easier than getting hooked on fishing. Fortunately Sudkáč Cottage is located mere 20 kilometres from a lake district where you can spend day after day with your fishing rod and a lot of patience. Then after returning to the cottage you can prepare your catch in whichever way you fancy. In this part of Bohemia, though, there’s great fishing to be had anywhere you look, and you will find plenty of ponds teeming with fish even in the vicinity of the cottage.

When raindrops keep falling on your head…

…it certainly doesn’t mean your eyes will soon be turning red! Some simply won’t let the weather to dampen their spirits and are quite capable of trampling around the countryside no matter what. Others will surely be glad to know you can stay safely inside, set the fireplace aglow and make yourself comfortable right in front of it. Make the living room extra cosy with a glass of wine and some board games, and you are just as guaranteed to spend another lovely night here at Sudkáč.

Relax and have a great time

While there is a lot to be said for all the activities, there is nothing like a good day’s rest. Just try it while you are here – and see if you can find something to complain about! Do you fancy basking in the sun while lying on a blanket amidst warm grass, having a picnic in the nearby meadow, or simply going for a walk around the village? At Sudkáč, everything is possible and it’s up to you to decide how to spend the time you have at your disposal.

Family holiday at Sudkáč

Scarce are the places where the quaintness of days long gone blends seamlessly into modernity. Now you can enjoy both while vacationing here! After waking up on top of a rustic stove there’s nothing better than a breakfast in our state-of-the-art kitchen while kids are already splashing in the pool right outside the window.

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Peace and quiet

Even for just the two of you, Sudkáč Cottage is a great spot for a tranquil holiday spent in the company of 140-year-old wooden beams in a garden flooded by sunlight all day through and surrounded by the beautiful landscapes of the region located where Southern Bohemia meets the Bohemian-Moravian Highlands.

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