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Pohled na bazén a slunečník před chalupou Sudkáč s dětskou skluzavkou Obývák na chalupě. Pohled na krb a starodávné židle. Osvětlené zápraží v noci Rozkvetlá skalka s pestrými květinami a za ní chalupa Stylová kuchyň se zajímavou troubou




Cottage tour

Eye catching  rockery with Sudkáč cottage in the background

Garden and what else?

A garden full of tall trees fits well into the surrounding countryside and is of course most soothing to the eye while in bloom. Those of you that enjoy evening campfires and barbecues may take advantage of outdoor furniture provided for your convenience and spend a lovely night under a parasol here. You can also roast some sausages on an open fire in front of the cottage with eyes firmly set upon the setting sun.

While we wish you only the best weather imaginable, don’t panic if it doesn’t quite turn out – put the music on, light a fire in the fireplace and have fun.

Malebný pohled na trakař, skalku a pískoviště
Picturesque old country cottage view
Night atmosphere with swiming pool
Garden umbrella before the cottage

LIVING ROOM: A glowing fireplace

Discover the rural magic with a traditionally furnished living room, where you can light a fire in the fireplace, sit in a vintage chair, relax and enjoy your holiday.

If you don’t want to isolate yourself completely or just feel like taking it easy for a while, you can turn on a TV, radio, or a DVD player. The cottage is fitted with a wireless Internet access.

Vyřezávaný čert v obýváku
Tradičně zařízený obývák s krbem, sedačkou a stolem
Tradiční obývák v kontrastu s oranžovou sedačkou
Dříví připravené před krbem
Chodba s kamennou zdí

BEDROOM: Lie down under the beams

The attic hides a little jewel of a room. Discover a cosy bedroom within the building’s prow and experience its unique ambience created by a wooden floor and beams suffused with a gentle afternoon sunlight.

The original rafters consist of 140-year-old wooden beams and as such make an unusual sight. Whether you arrive with a whole family, with an entourage of friends, or your significant other, this room is guaranteed to enchant at least some of you.

A good night’s sleep can also be had in any of the two bedrooms downstairs. One of these is a twin room equipped with old-fashioned wooden furniture and an alcove-turned-bookcase; the other, a triple room where you can sleep on top of a traditional rustic stove.

Útulný podkrovní pokoj se starými trámy
Manželská postel v ložnici s rozsvícenou lampou a zrcadlem
Ložnice s manželskou postelí a zrcadlem.
Starodávný zámek v ložnici
Jedna ze tří postelí v dětském pokoji

Stylishly comfortable self-catering

Start the day with a nutritious breakfast served on a large dining table, then turn the lunch into a full-size banquet in the traditionally furnished living room, and wrap it all up with a barbecue at the cottage’s doorstep.

Do you prefer to cook for yourself? Then a newly renovated state-of-the-art kitchen will definitely come in handy – and you can even prepare your meals on a hundred-year-old stove the way our great-grandparents used to do. Sudkáč Cottage features an up-to-date kitchen lacking no appliances you might possibly need. There is of course a glass-ceramic cooktop with an overhead hood, dishwasher, microwave oven and electric kettle.

Massive dining table in the kitchen
View of the whole kitchen


A stylish bathroom you will hate to leave has been provided for a comfortable longer stay.

Antique white basin taps
Wood shelves in the bathroom

Worry-free parking

There is enough room for up to three cars at a time. These can be safely locked into a barn (opposite) for any length of time.

Family holiday at Sudkáč

Scarce are the places where the quaintness of days long gone blends seamlessly into modernity. Now you can enjoy both while vacationing here! After waking up on top of a rustic stove there’s nothing better than a breakfast in our state-of-the-art kitchen while kids are already splashing in the pool right outside the window.

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Peace and quiet

Even for just the two of you, Sudkáč Cottage is a great spot for a tranquil holiday spent in the company of 140-year-old wooden beams in a garden flooded by sunlight all day through and surrounded by the beautiful landscapes of the region located where Southern Bohemia meets the Bohemian-Moravian Highlands.

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