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Pohled na bazén a slunečník před chalupou Sudkáč s dětskou skluzavkou Obývák na chalupě. Pohled na krb a starodávné židle. Osvětlené zápraží v noci Rozkvetlá skalka s pestrými květinami a za ní chalupa Stylová kuchyň se zajímavou troubou

Why choose

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An extraordinarily
traditional cottage

Get ready for Sudkáč Cottage, a special place dating back to late 19th century, where old beams exude the ancient scent of time long passed by. A truly traditional cottage that has space aplenty for even a big family yet at the same time is still cosy enough for two. Relive the good old days while vacationing at this country cottage in Sudkův Důl, Czech Republic.

Sudkáč [sʊ:tka:tʃ] might be 140 years old and fully equipped in a traditional style, but there are also many amenities including everything a family or a group of friends might possibly need in order to enjoy a comfortable stay. Sudkáč Cottage was built according to our forefathers’ traditions and will therefore suprise you with its now quite unusual appearance. Enjoy a paved walk lining the whole length of the cottage, the interior’s wooden beams and rippling walls, or a cosy old-fashioned attic space.

paved walk lining the whole length of the cottage

Breathe in the pure natural surroundings while gazing across a boulder-strewn meadow towards a nearby forest. In the opposite direction there is a large garden full of tall trees providing the priceless gift of privacy. Those who want to spend their family holiday here will surely acknowledge the unobstructed view of the swimming pool and sandbox suitable for children of all ages. Here you can relax and spend your holiday in the spirit of nature’s beauty and old times or have fun with your friends throughout one balmy night after another in a complete privacy under a star-studded sky.

Great holiday for up to 13 persons

Do you think Sudkáč Cottage might suit your holiday preferences? Then consider getting a 1,500-square-meter garden and 250-square-meter cottage interior from mere 14000 CZK per week.

Sudkáč Cottage is located right at the end of the village Sudkův Důl (Sudek’s Vale) in the Czech Republic where Southern Bohemia meets the forests of the Bohemian-Moravian Highlands.

A cottage tailored to your needs

Find out why you will love Sudkáč by clicking on the option of your choice:

Family holiday at Sudkáč

Scarce are the places where the quaintness of days long gone blends seamlessly into modernity. Now you can enjoy both while vacationing here! After waking up on top of a rustic stove there’s nothing better than a breakfast in our state-of-the-art kitchen while kids are already splashing in the pool right outside the window.

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Peace and quiet

Even for just the two of you, Sudkáč Cottage is a great spot for a tranquil holiday spent in the company of 140-year-old wooden beams in a garden flooded by sunlight all day through and surrounded by the beautiful landscapes of the region located where Southern Bohemia meets the Bohemian-Moravian Highlands.

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