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Pohled na bazén a slunečník před chalupou Sudkáč s dětskou skluzavkou Obývák na chalupě. Pohled na krb a starodávné židle. Osvětlené zápraží v noci Rozkvetlá skalka s pestrými květinami a za ní chalupa Stylová kuchyň se zajímavou troubou

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cottage photo tour

Family holiday
or fun time with friends?

Family holiday

A cottage several centuries old along with a large fenced garden provide sufficient privacy and space for all the ideas you and your children may want to try out.

Why do kids love Sudkáč?

The garden is fenced and therefore suitable for children to play in a wooden sandbox fitted with a slide, explore the nooks and crannies of an old barn, or swim in the pool while you bask in the sun or dip in the clear blue water alongside your kids. Treat your children to the pleasure of adventure they are likely to demand anyway!

Children's room with cuddly cariboo
Children's playground

Isn’t it a bit too old after all?

The scent of 140-year-old wood pervading the whole cottage might just as well inspire you to admire the old beams in a cosy attic room guaranteed to imbue your self with a positive energy. The cottage including all furnishings was carefully renovated in a traditional style while at the same time equipped with all the amenities you might expect in a modern accommodation facility. See for yourself with a cottage tour covering the whole building from garden to both super-spacious floors.

Active holiday for the whole family

Active holidays in the countryside are all the rage these days. Let yourself be goaded into motion by the surrounding forests, meadows, pathways and country roads. Find out what’s there to experience during a family holiday at Sudkáč Cottage.

View of Sudkův Důl village

Spend a holiday with your friends

Don’t be afraid to expand your holiday plans to include your friends along with your friends’ friends so that you make full use of all the space available here. Apart from strengthening the family ties you can also expect to have a lot of fun around the cottage as well as on trips to Southern Bohemia and the Bohemian-Moravian Highlands area.

One of the three beds in children's room
View of cottage with swiming pool

Tea for two

There are few places better suited for undisturbed vacationing accompanied by walking, hiking, evening barbecues, and lovely moments spent under the 140-year-old wooden beams, than Sudkáč Cottage. Even if it’s just you and your loved one(s) in here.

Cottage relaxation

Succumb to the spirit of your natural surroundings and enjoy your stay in this peaceful haven with a little help from Sudkáč itself. You won’t have to move a finger around here but if fancy takes you, you can also go hiking, pick mushrooms in nearby forests, or indulge in any of the following activities.

Sudkáč evening atmosphere.
View through the window in living room

Fun with friends

If you prefer having a great time with your friends to clubbing and pub-crawling, what better way to organise a vacation of your dreams than to rent a cottage, bring your own drinks and barbecue supplies, and simply have fun?

Enjoy the unfettered freedom of Sudkáč Cottage with its lingering moments when you are free to do anything you like, have no schedule to worry about and are finally able to savour each and every minute as it passes by. Just imagine yourself sitting down by the fire after a pleasantly tiring day to fully relish the evening as well. Should the capricious weather typical for this part of Bohemia make you stay inside, however, there is always a large traditionally furnished living room big enough for everyone or a spacious kitchen with a massive dining table.

Sudkáč cottage with barbecue facilities in the garden
Grilling chicken breasts
View of the whole old country cottage and garden

Family holiday at Sudkáč

Scarce are the places where the quaintness of days long gone blends seamlessly into modernity. Now you can enjoy both while vacationing here! After waking up on top of a rustic stove there’s nothing better than a breakfast in our state-of-the-art kitchen while kids are already splashing in the pool right outside the window.

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Peace and quiet

Even for just the two of you, Sudkáč Cottage is a great spot for a tranquil holiday spent in the company of 140-year-old wooden beams in a garden flooded by sunlight all day through and surrounded by the beautiful landscapes of the region located where Southern Bohemia meets the Bohemian-Moravian Highlands.

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