Pohled na bazén a slunečník před chalupou Sudkáč s dětskou skluzavkou Obývák na chalupě. Pohled na krb a starodávné židle. Osvětlené zápraží v noci Rozkvetlá skalka s pestrými květinami a za ní chalupa Stylová kuchyň se zajímavou troubou

Some special experiences

Go for a gig or carriage jaunt

Although it may seem as an altogether uneventful ride, rest assured that a journey undertaken in an old spoke-wheeled gig is no restful affair. The wooden wheels register every bump and pothole, thus bringing the passengers real close to the earth. While everyone and their brother has already ridden in a carriage, a gig jaunt remains a unique experience to this day.

Should you prefer something a bit more comfortable, you can ride around in a traditional horse-drawn carriage. It’s not nearly as harrowing and it will certainly be enjoyed by everyone.

Horses hitched to a wagon
Hitched horses on a field road
Horse carriage, Nechyba, Czech Republic

Family holiday at Sudkáč

Scarce are the places where the quaintness of days long gone blends seamlessly into modernity. Now you can enjoy both while vacationing here! After waking up on top of a rustic stove there’s nothing better than a breakfast in our state-of-the-art kitchen while kids are already splashing in the pool right outside the window.

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Peace and quiet

Even for just the two of you, Sudkáč Cottage is a great spot for a tranquil holiday spent in the company of 140-year-old wooden beams in a garden flooded by sunlight all day through and surrounded by the beautiful landscapes of the region located where Southern Bohemia meets the Bohemian-Moravian Highlands.

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